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How accessible is the museum?

The museum has worked hard to ensure that everyone is welcome and is able to access the displays and enjoy themselves when they visit us.

Access for visitors with physical disabilities
The Moot Hall is a grade one listed building and the exhibits are on two floors, with the main entrance on the first floor and the exit on the ground floor. For those with limited mobility who cannot climb the stairs, there is access through the ground floor, where you can look around the museum room and its exhibits. Tablet computers will provide support for those unable to climb the stairs (coming soon). Our front of staff are ready to assist when you arrive.

We are sorry but the museum is not wheelchair accessible but it is possible that access could be possible for small wheelchairs through the ground floor. Please let us know your requirements.

Access for visitors with visual impairments include:
Tablet support (coming soon) and a handling collection and items to touch. Access dogs are welcome.

Access for deaf or hard of hearing visitors includes:
Subtitles for spoken word film material. Assistance dogs are welcome.

Access for visitors who have a learning disability, dementia or are on the autistic spectrum includes:
An experienced member of staff.  In due course we expect to have SEN backpacks and a sensory map.

If you have any additional needs please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

What is there for children?

Whether you have tiny tots or teenagers, there’s plenty to do with the family. There is dressing up as a mini mayor, games and challenges, trails and more.

Whether that’s seeing our exhibitions or taking part in one our workshops, we want you to feel at home here.


What is included in my ticket?

Your admission ticket includes entry to all our temporary exhibitions and permanent collection displays. You may also borrow a tablet computer to learn more about our exhibits (coming soon). Your ticket enables you to visit multiple times over a one year period though does not cover special events.